Q:     If I sign up for sessions from all 3 sections (A, B, C), do I have to pay for all of them at once?
     No.  Each section has its own deadlines (refer to your brochure

Q:     Will I qualify for discounts if I select sessions from multiple sections (A, B, or C)?
:     Yes!  We=ve built in flexibility to fit your busy schedule.

Q.     What if I only attend 2 sessions, then decide to sign up for 3 more later?  Would I get one free?
     Yes.  RDN will track your paid sessions and notify you when you are eligible for discounts.

Q:     Must I choose all 3 now to earn the half-price session?
     No. RDN will track your paid sessions and notify you when you are eligible for the discount.

Q:     Am I limited to only one half-price session?
     No.  As long as you pay for the required number of sessions, you can earn multiple discounts.

Q:     Must I attend all the sessions personally, or can I share them with others in my organization?
     No, you don=t have to attend all session yourself.  You can share sessions with others in your organization

           and still qualify for the discounts.

Q:     Can we qualify for the discounts if multiple people from our organization attend the same session?
A:     Yes.  We will count every 3 registrations toward a half-price session. If 5 registrations are paid for, a 6th one will be FREE.

Q:     Will refreshments be available?
Yes, a Continental breakfast will be available upon sign-in.  Vending machines are available in a nearby break-room.

Q:     Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my registration for a seminar?
Yes, as long as we receive cancellation notice no later than 10 business days in advance.

Q:     What if my organization pays in advance for my session and I leave my job before some of the seminars are conducted?
The organization would have two options.  Someone else may be sent in your place or they can request a refund as long

         as they notify us 10 business days in advance of the unused seminar date(s).

Q:     Can I pay by credit card?
No.  Principles of Successful Fund-Raising is priced to ensure access to even the smallest organizations and is significantly

         less expensive than comparable programing in the community.  Taking credit cards would require us to increase in
         fees to compensate for costs associated with credit transactions.

Q:     What if I have a last minute schedule-conflict?  Can I substitute another session?
Yes, if seating is available for the session you select as a substitution; otherwise you may (1) send someone else

         from your organization or (2) request all materials from the missed session be mailed to you.

Q:     Under what circumstances might you cancel a seminar?
We’ve never cancelled a class in all the years we’ve been offering them but – just in case:

In the event of extreme weather, we will cancel classes if (1) the University of Phoenix cancels classes at the Rockside campus, or (2) the City of Cleveland declares a State of Emergency. 

Weather-related closures are posted on the i-Alert instant school alert system. Each Campus and Learning Center is listed separately as: University of Phoenix Beachwood, University of Phoenix Independence, and University of Phoenix Westlake. Closings will always be posted on and Channel 3. In most cases a default message will relay the closure for anyone calling the main number (216-447-8807) if the Administrative Offices are closed.

In the event of severe weather, starting times may be delayed up to 15 minutes.

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