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Jargon Files
from The Edna McConnel Clark Foundation
Over the last few years, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation has made a concerted effort to call attention to the troubling use of jargon throughout the foundation world. We have been concerned that jargon, and the confusion it creates, can damage or undercut even the most-well-intentioned of foundation efforts. Muddled communication makes it difficult for others, especially the public, to understand or engage in debate and discussion about the ideas and issues that drive foundation grantmaking and related activities.
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Originally Posted:  FEB 02


Charities Say No to Obsolete Crap
from Wired News/Culture
Tucked into corners and collecting dust in the closets of nonprofits worldwide, you’ll find them: stacks of ancient computers, cracked monitors, tangled cords and drives without floppies.
The hardware comes from well-meaning donors who hope their castoffs can do others some good. But while secondhand technology is indeed a blessing for some struggling agencies, for most it’s quickly becoming a costly curse.
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Originally Posted:  FEB