Board Development, Board Retreats, Fund Raising, Solicitation, Staff

BOARD DEVELOPMENT – Counsel and guidance for expanding trustee effectiveness is tailored to the culture, size, experience level and objectives of your organization and its board of trustees.

Engagements, structured in accordance with specific needs and preferences, range from presentations at board meetings to the development and implementation of a plan for board development.  The following are among the areas of Resource Development Network expertise:

  • Board roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures
  • Committee roles and responsibilities
  • Recruiting plans and strategies
  • Formulation of the Committee for Trustee Affairs
  • Assessment of board structure and needs
  • Principles of successful fund-raising
  • Solicitation orientation and training


BOARD RETREATS, facilitated by experienced staff, are offered in connection with any of the above.  Additionally, Resource Development has extensive experience in retreats focused on planning, mission development/revision, and the changing nonprofit environment.


COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING for entry or mid-level staff helps address budgetary constraints without compromising your fund-raising goals.   An experienced fund-raising professional teaches fund-raising principles and “mentors” the novice fund-raiser.   Engagements typically span eight to twelve months, depending on the complexity of your program and the experience of your staff and may include any or all of the following:

  • Development of a fund-raising plan
  • Review progress, answer questions, recommend strategies, review solicitation materials and proposals
  • Guidance in working with trustees
  • Enrollment in “The Principles of Successful Fund-Raising,” a thirty-hour class sponsored by Resource Development Network and the Mandel Center at Case Western Reserve University.

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